Low end honking!

Chuck Loeb was nice enough to send me this capture of an overdub I did with Jens Neufang on bass sax. Evildoers beware!



One amazing project we did this year was with We3, Dave Liebman, Steve Swallow and Adam Nussbaum. There’s something both profound and simple to play with musicians on their level. To work with and hear them, it’s so inspiring. My job is so great sometimes!!

Tenor Tooting

Tenor Tooting

For the summer tour, I had to get my trusty old tenor trombone out of the closet. It’s a Bach 42G, straight with no valve, that I use with a Holton bass bone slide and a schilke 57 mp. Not exactly a pea-shooter, but it works for me 🙂

At the lake…

At the lake...

Funny how when you just spontaneously play a song by the lake there’s always a TV crew around 🙂

Haldern Pop

Haldern Pop

Pop cimbasso!

Pop cimbasso!

The gig in Friedrichshafen was the first one on the tour with the cimbasso…



Last time I was in Hamburg I stumbled onto a great neighborhood called the Karolinerviertel. Just my kind of place. Great mix of people, nice coffee places and nice little stores, but unpretentious and not yet appropriated by the hipster mob. I hope they can stave off the gentrification a bit longer!! This pic is from a photo booth in St Pauli, not far from there…

My Job!

Some days, this is what I do at work…

FNAC with Sophie Hunger

FNAC with Sophie Hunger

FNAC in Paris with Sophie Hunger

FNAC in Paris with Sophie Hunger